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A holistic approach to your day to day wellbeing


Ancient eastern practices have a place in our modern western world. 

A remedy to our busy schedules, yoga and meditation offer us a way to unwind, to tap into our creativity, to access a deeper

connection to ourselves and the planet we inhabit, and to create more meaningful interactions within our communities.


We can transition from a state of perpetually striving (and never quite arriving), and ultimately discover greater freedom in our movement and in our thinking.

Sarah has a therapeutic approach to yoga, empowering individuals to move and rest well.

Classes are a fusion of Sarah's continued training and regular self-practice of yoga and meditation. This includes Hatha Yoga, Flow, Yin, Restorative Yoga, yoga nidra, and exercises for myofascial release. Sarah also teaches yoga to support health during pregnancy. 


Sessions are designed to be relaxed, welcoming, nourishing and explorative. Each class has a different theme and intention;

a unique blend of asana (postures), pranayama (breathwork) meditation and relaxation.

If you'd like to incorporate these tools for wellbeing into your weekly routine, at your office, or at a special event you've got coming up, do get in touch and we can discuss your needs. 

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